The Genealogy Puzzle

Genealogy is really a puzzle that never ends!

As a teenager, I wanted to know more about my family tree. I was blessed to know many living grandparents and great-grands. I met my great-great-Aunt Dora from Tennessee, and a few months later she surprised me with a blue notebook in the mail.  After we talked about my interest, she had handwritten all she knew about my maternal grandfather’s family tree back to the 1800’s in Mississippi.

That was it!  I was hooked!  She left my own family details blank for me to fill in. Over the next few years, I only dabbled because I had school, college, a new job, and then became a wife and mother of two. I would occasionally lightly research so I could share something with my children.

In the 80’s and 90’s, I would talk to my parents and grandparents, but after my children were grown and independent, I had time to discover internet resources and genealogy libraries. I innocently thought I would make a simple family tree as a Christmas gift for my parents and my husband’s parents. That project became huge and the details I found eventually filled about 4 file cabinet drawers!  So that part of my journey began in 2004. Once I got started, I could not stop!  It is exciting, rewarding, and amazing to realize details of the lives of ancestors we might take for granted.  I seemed obsessed, but I just could not stop without finding the next pieces of the family tree puzzle!

Next:  I will describe the Gifts I made for our parents with family trees, recipes, photos and more!

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