Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching fast, on May 12th, the second Sunday in May. Whether it is the first Mother’s Day, or the 80th, our children are always our babies. Our cards and gifts are reminders for Moms about how much they are loved and appreciated.

Easy and inexpensive gifts are usually the most memorable, especially those little handprints and footprints for us to keep!

Some ideas:

  1. Using non-toxic (most are now, but check to make sure) washable child’s paint, brush or sponge paint onto your little one’s hand or foot. If they are too sensitive to the brush or sponge, just rub it on with your hand! Do one at a time to make it easier to clean up. Gently apply to your paper or item.
  2. Prints can be applied to a piece of poster board, heavier construction paper or card-stock.
  3. Paper can be folded to make a card, or left open to make a poster, or put in a frame to hang on the wall.
  4. Browse popular search engines to find ideas if you want to make a design with the prints, or add a poem or note. Some possibilities are:
  • butterflies out of footprints, adding antennae with black marker
  • flowers with handprints, adding stems with green or black marker
  • tree, with footprint trunk, handprint branches, fingerprint leaves or apples
  • heart shape from hands or feet
  • try different colors for each print for special effects, maybe using favorite colors or color scheme of home
  • for young babies, apply paint to the side of their fist, gently press to create adorable baby rosebuds
  • apply prints to containers like flowerpots, adding a coat of sealant, then planting a flower

Great for:   New Mothers (1st Mother’s Day)
                  Mothers of any age
                  Grandmas and Great-Grandmas

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