Exciting Children’s Books and Christmas Gifts

As a new grandma, it is increasingly hard to not see a book I want to give to our new little grandson who will be celebrating his first Christmas this year!  He has been read to his whole young life, and is now a little less interested in chewing the books and looking at and touching the books more. He already has a good little library that his family has explored with him and he loves them!

Last Book Gift - for One Week before Christmas!

Last Book Gift – for One Week before Christmas!

Since his grandpa and I spend a lot of our time in book stores anyway, we have been gathering a small library of books to give to him sometime!  On pinterest and other great idea sites, there have been great ideas shared about ways to explore an advent calendar. There have been pop-up windows advent calendars around since I was a child, and there are lots of cute ideas using different themes and crafts.

As our pile of books grew, I remembered some ideas about using books for counting down the days of advent to Christmas.  Since we do not see our little one every single day, and alas, we did not have 25 books, I realized we had enough to start counting down the last 6 weeks till Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas Books – Weekly

1 – We started by gathering all the books we planned to give to our little grandson.  We laid them out with general topic books first, some texture books and animal books. Then we planned to give him a Babies Bible Story Book and Babies First Christmas storybook closer to Christmas.

4 Weeks til Crhistmas - Countdown Book Gift

4 Weeks til Christmas – Countdown Book Gift

2 – We thought he might want to practice some fine motor skills and how to open presents!  I wrapped very loosely each of the books with white, green and red tissue paper. Tissue makes a great crinkling noise and I made sure it was wrapped loosely enough that he could get a fingerhold on the paper.

3 – On the top of each package I printed out a Christmas Santa picture card with the weeks before Christmas.  Example:  “6 Weeks til Christmas”. I taped that loosely on top so he could rip that off easily.

3 Weeks til Christmas - Countdown gift

3 Weeks til Christmas – Countdown gift

4 – Starting 6 Weeks before Christmas, we gave him his first book gift when he came to visit that week. His mom had to help of course, but he loved the book right away!  He immediately tasted the book first to see if it was a good one, then he looked as the “story” was read to him, and he is even helping to turn the pages!

I think he will be ready for Christmas morning packages, but more importantly, he will know that he is loved, books are great, being read to is amazing, and his parents and grandparents love to hold him and read to him from books!  And one day, when he is ready, he will pick up those books and read them all by himself!

 2 Weeks til Christmas - Countdown Gift

2 Weeks til Christmas – Countdown Gift

Make this Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Three Kings Day or New Years or any other celebration around the world more special for even the youngest ones by giving them the gift of love, peace and literacy!



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  1. My husband and I are doing this for our granddaughter. She is celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. So we loosely wrapped a book for all the days leading up to Christmas Eve. This is a great way to build up a child’s library. Great idea Kathy!

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