Family Recipe – Mama’s Hot Russian Tea


Our Mama was a nurse back in the day, met our Daddy when she was in nursing school, and then raised her two girls. This recipe was shared with her over 40 years ago, and it has become a go-to drink for our family. Rose was a fellow nurse and good friend for many years, and she shared this basic simple recipe for a hot delicious Russian tea.

I’m not sure where the name came from, and I think there are now many versions out there for an orange flavored spiced tea.  Most of the versions I have tried are all very good (I love most tea!), but this is the original one that started our family drinking and serving Russian Tea. It mixes 4 simple ingredients quickly without a lot of preparation.

Mama’s Hot Russian Tea

1 small jar of Original Orange Flavored Tang

1 small jar of powdered instant tea (with or without lemon flavor)

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. ground cloves

(2 cups of sugar if instant tea is not sweetened)

Mix all 4 ingredients.  Use 3 tsp. of mix with a cup of hot water.

Mama's Hot Russian Tea - Orange and Spice flavors

Mama’s Hot Russian Tea – Orange and Spice flavors


1 – Use alternate sweetener if you prefer (they weren’t available 40 years ago!)

2 – Equal amounts of Tang and Tea are used, so doubling the recipe is easy!

3 – We use each of the empty containers for tea and drink mix to store the Russian Tea mix, just dividing have the mix into each jar.

4 – My mama now also adds some lemon or orange flavored jello powder for extra flavor.

5 – Some recipes use fresh fruit when making a large quantity in a pot on the stove, for example, if you are having a party or get-together and need large amount of a hot beverage. Throw in some sliced lemons, oranges, or even pineapple for additional fresh flavor.  Great for a warm treat after trick-or-treating or a night of Christmas caroling!




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  1. Also wonderful if you’re a little under the weather, scratchy throat, or just plain sick! As the old saying goes, “it’s good for what ails you!”

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