Storytimes for Babies and Young Children

As a follow-up to my post on Nurturing the Love of Reading in Children, I thought I would share some information about places to take the young ones to hear stories and have some together time with other children. It’s a nice outing and chance to get together with other moms, dads, grandparents, and other caregivers. You can take away some new ideas for ways to share books and stories with your little ones!

Most libraries have some form of storytime sessions for young children, and some include sessions for babies and toddlers.  Many also have activity times with time to create art and toys with other children.  You can check at your local libraries for the times and days when the children’s librarians or local guests come in to do storytelling times with the young ones.  They will also have schedules for guest visitors that come in to share something about their hobbies or jobs or topics like animals, music or dance.

The links in my post from 7-1-13 include the libraries in our area (Western North Carolina), along with the link to Libraries around the country.  You can search by state and county for the libraries close to you.  Those links go to the libraries online websites as well as addresses and phone numbers so you can get their schedules for storytimes and activities. To find libraries in your area, go to

Our Local Storytime schedules:

Buncombe County Area Libraries (multiple sites)

Mother Goose time (geared for babies up to about 18 months)

  •      West Asheville Branch – Mondays at 11:00
  •      North Asheville Branch – Tuesdays at 10:30
  •      Pack Main Branch – Tuesdays at 10:30
  •      Fairview Branch – Tuesdays at 11:00
  •      Black Mountain Branch – Tuesdays at 11:30
  •      Weaverville Branch – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •      Swannanoa Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •      Oakley Branch – Thursdays at 11:00

Toddler Time  (geared to 18 months up to 3 years)

  •     North Asheville Branch – Wednesdays at 10:30
  •     Skyland Branch – Wednesdays at 10:30
  •     Fairview Branch – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •     Oakley Branch – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •     West Asheville Branch – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •     Black Mountain Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •     Enka Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •     Pack Main Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •     Weaverville Branch – Thursdays at 11:00

Preschool Time  ( geared to the 3-5 year old group)

  •     Pack Main Branch – Mondays at 10:30
  •     Weaverville Branch – Tuesdays at 11:00
  •     Oakley Branch – Wednesdays at 10:00
  •     Black Mountain Branch – Wednesdays at 10:30
  •     Enka Branch – Wednesdays at 10:30
  •     Leicester Branch – Wednesdays at 10:30
  •     East Asheville – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •     North Asheville – Wednesdays at 11:00
  •     Fairview Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •     Skyland Branch – Thursdays at 10:30
  •     Swannanoa Branch – Thursdays at 11:00
  •     West Asheville Branch – Thursdays at 11:00
  •     East Asheville Branch – Saturdays at 11:00

The Enka-Candler Branch has a movement storytime for all ages on Mondays at 10:30, called Bounce’n Books.

Check with the local branches to make sure times are up-to-date.  Many more activities area held during the summer breaks, and there are additional groups for school-age groups. Check to see what is offered near you!

Here are some more local storytimes in our area:

Haywood County Libraries:

  •    Waynesville Branch – 11:00
  •    Tuesdays –  Ready 4 Learning
  •    Wednesdays – Family Storytime
  •    Thursdays – Movers and Shakers
  •    Canton Branch – Tuesdays 11:00 Family Storytime
  •    Canton Branch – Thursdays 10:00 Rompin’-Stompin’ Storytime

Henderson County Libraries:

  • Bouncing Babies (0-18 months)
  • Toddler Time (18 months – 3 years)
  • Play and Grow (birth – 2 years)
  • Preschool (3-5 years)
  • Family
  • 4 O’clock Club (K-5 grades)

Check websites or call for locations and times.

Even bookstores may have storytimes in your area.  Around here, the two locations for Barnes and Noble have storytimes on Mondays and Saturdays.  Check for times.

This is a great free resource you can take advantage of whenever you want!  You can go once or monthly or even weekly, depending on your busy schedule!








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