New Genealogy Television Program!

My passion for genealogy is not new, and some would think it can border on the obsessive!  So you will understand that I have to post about a new show I just heard about.  It is called the “Genealogy Roadshow“.

I have only seen previews online, on the PBS website.  I only found out about it because I was checking out a genealogy forum and read a post about a new show on PBS.  It will be a weekly program showing on most PBS stations, which is a great place to find unique programming.

There have been a few television shows recently that have explored genealogy research.  They have included researching for family histories for celebrities and other high-profile personalities. The focus for this program seems to follow the style of the “Antiques Roadshow” episodes, which travel to different areas of the country to share their genealogy expertise and information with local folks.

The 2 trailers or previews can be found on their website, and the start date for the show seems to be Monday, September 23.  My dvr is already set to record in case I have to miss it.  It is apparently a weekly show.  I’m interested enough to check it out!

My hope is that this show will add more awareness of genealogy, what it is, why we are so in love with it, and why it can be special to explore where our families have been.  After all, where we are now is because of where our ancestors have been.

For better or worse, their paths led us to our journeys.

Check it out at

The video can be found at

Please share your thoughts after you check it out!


Other Television Shows on Genealogy    (check out the websites for viewing information)

  • Finding Your Roots, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.   – PBS
  • Who Do You Think You Are      – BBC
  • Who Do You Think You Are      – NBC – US
  • African American Lives             – PBS
  • Ancestors: Getting Started With Family History – PBS and BYU
  • The Human Family Tree, narrated by Kevin Bacon- National Geographic Channel

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