Low Sodium and Full of Flavor!

On my journey to keep myself healthy, I realized my purpose for doing so is not purely selfish.  My biggest inspiration to take better care of myself is that I want to be able to watch my family grow!  I want to be here for my husband and my children, experience special times with them, and be able to support them on their journeys.

Now with a little 6 month old grandson, I want to be healthy enough to help care for him and any other grandchildren we might have. I want to watch him reach his first milestones as he grows and still be able to celebrate his graduations and accomplishments in the years to come!

If I don’t pay attention to this body that God has entrusted me with, then I cannot accomplish more on the journey He wants for me.

To continue with strategies for reducing the sodium in my diet to prevent high blood pressure…………………………

3 Easy Ways to Increase Flavor and Lower Sodium:

  • Experiment with spices.  Try all those spices that are hiding in your cabinet, use them alone or in different combinations to add a variety of flavors to meat or vegetables. No need for the salt!
  • Add lemon or lime juice and zest to meat and vegetable dishes. 
  • Some types of wine can add another layer of flavor to some recipes and sauces.  Use sparingly at first until you see how it changes the taste or consistency.

Nice Flavor Combinations:

  • Lemon and Lime   (the zest and/or the juice)
  • Garlic and Lime   (have tried this with salmon and chicken)
  • Garlic and anything!  (We love the flavor garlic adds, even to mashed potatoes)  Instead of salt, we use the Smart Balance butter, lowfat milk, black pepper and diced garlic when mashing up potatoes.
  • Lite Soy Sauce   (still has sodium, but much lower content)  Mix with brown sugar and ginger for a simple teriyaki style flavor.  I just mix some of each, don’t really measure.  There are several recipes out there for specific amounts for a teriyaki sauce, if you like exact measurements.
  • Parmesan Cheese and Black Pepper  (great with panko breading for meat – no extra salt needed)

Please comment and share any other flavor combinations you have found that add great flavor to meat and vegetable dishes!




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