Sports Towels – Fishing or Bowling

The bowling towel I made for my husband was a combination of several ideas.  He loves to fish and bowls weekly on a league.  He uses a towel for keeping the bowling ball clean, and fishermen need towels or rags to clean all kinds of messes!  I chose to make the bowling towel.

Wanting to make a personalized towel for him, I could have sewn a cross-stitch aida cloth into a towel, but I chose to go with a premade towel I found at a JoAnn’s Craft store.

In our area, we have a choice of some well-stocked crafts supply stores, both chain franchises and independents.  I have checked out most of them, depending on the project I’m working on.  Sometimes I browse online or in the store to get ideas for a gift I’d like to make.  Most stores and online suppliers also offer some type of in-store or online classes.

Links to Crafts in My Area:

  • A. C. Moore                   
  • Hancock Fabrics            
  • JoAnn’s Crafts                
  • Michael’s                        
  • Carolina Foam and Fabric Outlet (Buncombe County, NC)
  • Discount stores, such as Walmart, Target and Kmart sometimes have a craft supply section with a few items
  • Search online for other local craft stores

Searching online, you can find even more.  In most stores, for example, they don’t stock all the possible cross-stitch supplies and kits that are available. They don’t have that kind of space.  Check online for catalog suppliers and independent craft kits and supplies.

Kits are a wonderful way to start out, since the cloth, design directions and thread are already assembled for you in the kit.  It’s a great time-saver if you find the kit you need.

Links to Online Craft Suppliers I have found:

  •    –   supplies and online classes, lots of quilting
  •  –    wonderful cross stitch and needlework kits
  •  –  I had no idea they had great kits for surprisingly                                      good prices
  • The Stitchery! –  —  huge list and variety of kits and                                                                 supplies

For more ideas for cross-stitching, quilting and other crafts, don’t forget your local library for books you can check out for free!   See my post on Nurturing the Love of Reading in Children from 7-1-13 for library links.

Grandpa’s Bowling Towel

  1. I used a premade cross-stitch towel I purchased.
  2. I found an old bowling cross-stitch design to place on the left end of the towel’s aida cross-stitch insert.  I centered the design on the aida cloth.
  3. I chose my own colors, making the bowling ball the same color as the one “Grandpa” uses.
Left side - Green bowling ball, Right side - Year

Left side – Green bowling ball, Right side – Year

  1. In an old craft magazine, I found a lettering chart that was a perfect size already for the “grandpa” letters I needed.
  2. I used 4 basic colors red, green, blue, purple, for the letters.
  3. Then, with my need to make everything even and symetrical, I had to find a design to bookend the letters on the right side of the towel.  After over-thinking a little, I realized I could use the year his first grandchild was born!  2013 fit perfectly in the space, and I centered the numbers at an angle to complete the blank space.
Cross-stitched Letters in Bold Colors

Cross-stitched Letters in Bold Colors

So even though I don’t consider myself artistic, I was able to create something unique as a gift.  All you need is the desire to create  —   and some great craft stores  —  and some online searches  —  and maybe some leftover materials to spark a new idea!




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