Baby Gifts by the Month – Piggy Bank Savings

As new grandparents, we have found that we constantly think of something we want to do or buy for our young grandson.  As new parents, we had to concentrate on learning how to parent and were watching our budget just to buy diapers and food and pay the bills!  Now that our children are grown, we are proud of how they have worked hard to become independent and pay their own way.  As their parents, we still want to support where we can!

Our grandson is now 4 months old, and though we could keep buying clothes and books, we realize he has plenty of clothes and a good start on books.  He was given a piggy bank, so we decided to help him get started saving!  It’s such a hard thing for all of us to do, and maybe this will help him when he’s old enough to understand it!

Baby Savings Gifts

At each monthly milestone, put a mix of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in a little bag, baggie or wrapper.  Use a coin wrapper as a label, with baby’s name and age in  months, with amount.

Baby Gift

Baby Gift

               Example:     $4   for   Ryan – 4 months old!   

At age:    1 month:    $1 in change

               2 months:  $2 in change

               3 months:  $3 in change

               4 months:  $4 in change

               5 months:  $4 in change, and $1 paper bill

               6 months   $4 in change, and $2 in bills

               Continue each month until One year old……..

At the end of the year, your little one will have a savings of $78 already!

At age:     1 year     –        Begin your choice of amounts…..

                 examples:    $12 dollars for 12 months (or)

                                     $1 per year (or)

                                     12 quarters ($3) per year

As he or she gets older, they can count the one-to-one correspondence of $1 or 1 quarter per month. 

Don’t worry so much about how much money you are giving.  Remember you are supporting his learning and desire to start and continue saving.  I think I need to do this for myself, maybe I would save more, too!

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