Camp Grilled Steak

One of my favorite memories as a child was camping with my parents and sister.  We started out in the back of a truck, then graduated to a pop-up camper.  We usually went for weekends, and sometimes friends or grandparents would join us for one night or just for the day.

Most foods we had on camping trips can easily be made at home.  One of my favorite ways to eat steak began on a camping trip.  The original method was to sprinkle steak with lemon pepper seasoning, grill and serve with soy sauce.

I’ve adapted it to using a marinade (for about an hour), then grilling and serving with lite soy sauce.  I try to limit my salt/sodium, so I use lite soy sauce and no extra salt for most recipes.

Camp Grilled Steak 

2-4 steaks of choice (we like ribeye or strip)

Marinade:     1/3 cup lite soy sauce

                     Juice of 1 lemon

                     1 teaspoon pepper

                     1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce

Marinate for about an hour before grilling.   Place marinade and steak in a 1-gallon plastic zip bag.  Then grill and serve with your favorite side and some rolls or grilled garlic toast.  If you don’t have a grill or it is raining, just prepare on the stove top in your cast iron or frying pan.  Most chefs suggest cooking 4-5 minutes on each side until it reaches your preferred doneness.  I like them done when there is no pink showing, but that is an individual decision!

Favorite side dish for this steak —  Camp Potatoes & Onions!


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